Internet Cookies, Tracking and Privacy.

You know what really bugs the hell out of me ? It's the websites that force you to accept cookies and tracking, and make you do all the leg work to stop them.

There are too many websites that need / want to make money from advertising, and basically, don't give a flying rats butt what you think about it. And the real downside to this is that some of these sites know that you need to regularly visit them. The information on them is just so damn good that you need your daily dose.

One website which I can't do without is Distrowatch. When visiting their site you get three boxes pop up.

The first screen asks “Can we continue using your data to make ads more relevant?”. This has a “Yes/No” answer.

The second screen tells you about seeing less relevant pictures. You only have the option to agree to this.

The third screen is actually a small banner across the bottom of the screen. Again the only option is to agree.

At the bottom of their website is two links - Privacy Policy and Change Privacy Settings. Clicking on “Change Privacy Settings” just brings up the same same three boxes from above.

Clicking on “Privacy Policy” takes you to a screen that tells you all about their policies, and then how YOU have to take responsibility for changing what your computer accepts.

Personally I think the ownership is on the websites to make life simple and non intrusive. THEY need to have a box that just says “Accept cookies and tracking. Yes / No” and thats its.

The bit you have to do is to go in to your browsers options and add the site to your blocked list. Tools > Options > Privacy and Security > Cookies and Site Data > Manage Permissions > Add site web address to block.

Now going to the only in-depth Elvis Presley CD information site Elvis On CD is one of the few sites that doesnt poke it's nose into your surfing habits, no cookies, no nothing, and yet this site is, basically, the ONLY site you need to have bookmarked for your online Elvis Presley music information.

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