Email Extra Help.

I'll be adding help and links to this page for anyone needing help. So far I have added links to these pages. These sites give good detail and pictures :

  • Add Email Accounts To Outlook 2013
  • Add Email Accounts To Thunderbird
  • Received Email, How To Add The Sender To Outlook 2013 And Thunderbird.
  • Thunderbird says it cant send / receive emails, yet im connected to the internet and can surf.

Outlook 2013 - Top Part Only - Adding Email Account

Outlook 2013 Adding Contacts From Email To Your Contacts Book or Second Help Page

Thunderbird Adding Additional Email Accounts

Thunderbird. Adding Contacts From Email To Your Contacts Book

Thunderbird Cannot Send / Receive Emails Yet I can Open Browser And Surf.

Look at the bottom left hand corner of Thunderbird. There is an icon of two computers. Is there a RED X ? If so you have put Thunderbird “Offline”. Just double click this icon to put Thunderbird back online.

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