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 +**Mouse Stops Working.**
 +Heres a wierd thing. All of a sudden my mouse stops working under Windows 10. So I goes out and spends six pounds buying an HP optical mouse. Got home, plugged it in and it didnt work. I spent an hour looking for drivers and didnt get anywhere.
 +I decided to boot into Manjaro and it saw the mouse as a Pixart Imaging Optical Mouse. I then plugged in my old mouse while under Manjaro, and that also worked. 6 pounds wasted at Argos, but now I have a spare mouse.
 +I then had a brainwave and googled "mouse stops working after win 10 update"​ and got a whole load of hits. Apparently this has been an issue for a lot of people after installing the Win 10 Creator Update.
 +I then rebooted back into windows, mucked about trying to look at the list of updates, tried updating my device manager drivers for the mouse to no avail. Sooooo I then tried shutting down windows, and it wouldnt shut down, just locked the screen, logged back in, tried shutting down again, just got locked sceen, so thought "Sod it" and powered down by pressing the power button.
 +After rebooting, windows wanted to "Check the device"​. Didnt say what device it wanted to check, said press any key within 4 seconds to stop, keyboard didnt respond, so I let it do whatever it was doing. After two mins I got the log in screen, I logged in, and hey ho the mouse is now working. Plugged in my old mouse and that works as well. Under device manager my mouse is listed as HID Compliant Mouse.
 +Not sure what happened, but Im not going to start searching as I would probably mess up things. So Im going to leave alone. But wanted to post this here for others who may have similar problems.
 +So if any of you get this problem, just shut down and restart a few times, and it should sort your mouse out.
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