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Starring Sean Bean, Michael Mears, Brian Cox, Daragh O'Malley, Assumpta Serna, David Troughton, Simon Andreu, John Tams, Jason Salkey, Paul Trussell

Collection of the feature-length television movies set during the Napoleonic Wars, starring Sean Bean as the maverick British rifleman Richard Sharpe. 11 of the 15 episodes feature, including the special, 'Sharpe: The Legend', in which Rifleman Cooper (Michael Mears), who fought alongside Sharpe throughout the Peninsula Wars, looks back at all the adventures and romances that his senior officer got up to, showing clips from the best of the long-running ITV drama.

The episodes in this bundle comprise:
Disc 1 and 2 : Sharpe's Rifles + Sharpe's Eagle
Disc 3 and 4 : Sharpe's Company+ Sharpe's Enemy
Disc 5 and 6 : Sharpe's Honour + Sharpe's Gold
Disc 7 and 8 : Sharpe's Battle + Sharpe's Sword
Disc 9 and 10 : Sharpe's Justice + Sharpe's Waterloo
Disc 11 : Sharpe The Legend

Cover shown is for the complete boxset. This is 11 of the 15 seperate 2 disc / 2 episodes.

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