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November 11, 2020

Our Online Shop


Being a computer nerd since 1982 means I try new things, see if they are any good, actually get my brain working, if they are any use. The usual guff. Well for the last couple of years I've tried at least four ecommerce programs. I've used, cubecart, opencart and Magento. is a great little program for learning, but is very basic. I never got to look at the paid for pro version which I assume had a lot more modules.

Cubecart is another great little program for learning, but just doesnt look pro enough.

Magento is a real powerfull and feature rich program, but its slow and difficult to master.

Opencart is the big brother to Cubecart. Better looking, more features, more extentions and a good looking frontend.

A big problem with a lot of "Free" software etc, is that the free version is always cut down, or that the modules you need for decent options needs to be paid for, at a cost. For example if you offer a home delivery + Cash on Delivery option then you need to be able to add a fuel surcharge (if needed). The basic included module doesnt allow you to add this fuel surcharge, so you are forced to buy the module that allows this additional cost.

Well I finally decided to update the website with a templete that I'm going to stick with, and decided to install opencart and make it the default shopfront. I've been busy adding products and stuff and its starting to look nice. We're selling a lot of items that include Elvis items (obviously) and also non Elvis related gear. I'm hoping that you will keep visiting while we update and see something that you like.

The link to our shopfront is at the top of the page. Just click on "Shop" and it will open in a new window.