The Elvis Presley Omnipedia DVD Tour.

I've created this screenshot tour so you can see what it's all about and get the chance to see what's included, and what it looks like. Any feedback will be gratefully received. All thumbnails open in a new window.


First is the "Start Page". From here you can go all over the disc.

I decided to split the Database into two parts. This is page one, the basics to Elvis, who he was, his story and all the basic info you, as Elvis fans, should know.

Then we have the Database Page Two. This goes into more information about Elvis. CD releases, FTD, Vinyl, Collections, Jumpsuits, Concerts, Recording Sessions, Bootlegs, 45's and more.

We have four menu page listings for interesting Elvis Facts, about Graceland, Circle G, his planes, the famous Nixon meeting with pdf files, movie details and much more.

The best part of this DVD is the amount of content detail for such things as CD's released officially, the FTD label and more. This screenshot shows the list of official CD's released by RCA / BMG / Sony in 2015. You click on each title to see a list of details including tracks, times, artwork, what other countries it was released in, ISRC codes etc.

On the left handside is a scroll bar for the CD releases menu. This is a quick jump menu for each year, so you can easily jump between 1984 and 2018 and all the years inbetween. Excuse the fact that it looks like its in four places. When Nimbus captured the screenshot it scrolled down, and the menu bar scrolled with it.

Clicking on the CD "If I Can Dream" will bring you to this page. You will see all the details relating to this release. This EU release is listed first, followed by all the other countries it has been released in. On most CD's you will be able to click on the other countries and see the details for that release, including the different cover artwork.

By clicking on the link for the Thailand release, you will be taken to this sub page. At the top of the page is the navigation menu with a link back to the main "If I Can Dream EU" release.

Also under the main section for official Cd releases we have sub catagorised them under "Remastered / Re-Released", "SHM-cd", "SICP", "Gospel Series" and all CD's released with the Royal Philharmonic Orchestra". The is also a page of all CD's released with cover artwork, so if you wanted to find a CD and only remembered the cover and not the year, then this gae would suit you.

The second section listed on the Database Page Two list is the FTD label. You can list as one whole list, all cover artwork by year, or by each year. This is the listing for 2018.

This is the FTD label by cover artwork for all years.

We also have a nice section for officially licensed collections. Reader Digest, Atlas, Camden and more. This is the Japan "Let It Rock" section.

Millenium Masters Page under "Collections.

Another fascinating section is the Concert years which is split into two parts, the concerts by year with details, and then the jumpsuits for each year.

These two shots are for 1973 and then the Aloha jumpsuit.

Our DVD has been produced using the KISS principle as we were more concerned with the detail. The next issue was not everyone has the latest and greatest laptops, some people may be running slow machines. So we didnt want a lot of java and flash slowing the DVD down.

But if you look at the above two shots you will see the menu navugation at the top of every page. The first one is the normal main navigation, the second is for CD sub pages where you can easily click back to the main CD details page, or back to any main page on the DVD.

I hope you have found this interesting and will hopefully wish to purchase a copy when it goes on sale. If you have any feedback or questions, please email me on




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