Welcome to the Elvis Online Blog.

Here we hope to have a large online database of interesting Elvis facts, figures, CD's and a whole heap of other resources and articles. We wanted this to be an interesting one-stop shop for all Elvis fans.

If you would like to have any articles added, or you want your own Elvis writings published, then please contact us.

Our first section that we added is called "Find That Album". It basically lists all Elvis songs, and then lists what Album the song can be found on.

The latest section (may 25th 2024) is Import CD's. We wanted to showcase some releases from the likes of MRS etc and list tracts and any other info.

We try and add information regularly, but due to circumstances this may sometimes be left for a month. But we will then do a major update, and add a lot  of content. So please keep visiting and we hope you enjoy these pages.

Why is it called "The Vaping Friar" ? Good question. Well I vape, and the image of Friar Tuck smoking a pipe came into my head, so the Vaping Friar was born.