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New releases for 2024

New FTD Release

As part of its ongoing "Sessions" series, FTD is pleased to announce the release of The Blue Hawaii Sessions. Released as a 4-CD SET, It features the complete soundtrack sessions from the original 3-track session tapes. Read more

Stateline Sahara 1974

As part of its ongoing live on tour series, FTD is pleased to announce the release of ELVIS: STATELINE SAHARA 1974. Released as a 3-CD 5" digi-pak, this set features 3 great shows from Lake Tahoe.

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Official Charts Tally

Just checked the Official Charts website, and this is the current tally of Elvis Presley Chart totals. Fantastic to know that he is still the king after 46 years. Lets see what 2024 brings.

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Wooden Heart

Latest Update: 13th April, 2024.

World News

The Elvis Presley Omnipedia Project

After 12 years plus we have finally created an Omnipedia on Elvis Presley. Sony CD releases from 1984 / FTD CD releases from 1999, boxsets, bootlegs, plus much more information. Approx 11500 plus pages, runs from a browser with a webpage front end. Over 8 Gigs in size. Designed to run from a data stick See a short video here.

April 13th. We're sorry for not updating much over the last two months. We were being hit and our bandwidth was taking a bashing, which meant within the first half of the month our bandwidth was depleted. Our site host has hopefully sorted this out and blacklisted the culprits. So a big thankyou to Hostek for fast service.

Barbara Gray of "The Kiss" has died: In June 1956 at an Elvis concert in Richmond, Virginia, Alfred Wertheimer snapped some iconic photographs. One photograph in particular became quite famous.. a photo of Elvis apparently attempting to kiss a young lady. Gray's family posted..."It is with great sadness that Barbara Gray passed away March 1st. Born in Charleston, SC. Famously known as the mystery kiss woman in the iconic photo kissing Elvis Presley in 1956. Survived by her daughter Debbie and husband Malcolm Gray"